We can all do something to extend the hand of friendship to those who need us.

Step Forward in Love

Exploring Catholic social teaching. Putting love into action

What is love in Action?

Love in Action is a parish programme designed to introduce your congregation, youth, school or faith-sharing group to the principles of Catholic social teaching (CST). After completing the programme, you will have the tools to reflect on the needs of your community and start your own social outreach projects.

The programme will help inspire the faith of the whole parish community. Love in Action can enable all members of the parish to explore Catholic social teaching, being renewed in the social teaching of their faith, and encouraging individuals and groups to commit to lived Christian social action.

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Using the Sunday Liturgy, parish activities and in partnership with the parish schools, Love in Action offers tools and resources to introduce every member of your community to six core themes of Catholic social teaching.


The programme has been developed over several years with pilots in parishes and schools. There is a wealth of experience and support available to help your community make Love in Action a success.


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