What is Love in Action?

Love in Action is a parish programme designed to introduce your congregation, youth, school or faith-sharing group to the principles of Catholic social teaching (CST). After completing the programme, you will have the tools to reflect on the needs of your community and start your own social outreach projects

Why now?

Since the election of Pope Francis there has been a renewed call for the Catholic Church to discern and respond to the needs of the world. The Pope has repeatedly extended an invitation to support those people in our world who are living in poverty, vulnerable or suffering the effects of marginalisation, environmental change or family and economic instability. How can we respond in faith, utilising the resources of ourselves and our church community?

In many parishes there is a sense that the time is right to act, to stand up and be counted as Christians, living out the call of the Gospel of Christ, encouraged and inspired through the leadership of the Pope. The Love in Action resources are designed to support this movement, focusing on the principles at the heart of the Catholic Church’s teaching on how we should live and respond to the social issues of today. We call this Catholic social teaching (CST).

The content of the programme is themed on six of the principles of Catholic social teaching. There are many different ways of ‘theming’ CST, but we have chosen 6 principles which are easily accessible and provide a solid foundation for social action. Hopefully people will be inspired to look further and the resources point people to other sources of information, most notably the website: catholicsocialteaching.org.uk

Who organises Love in Action?

The ideal way to organise Love in Action in a parish to first to gather a group of volunteers together to help plan and facilitate the programme. The exact size of this team will vary from parish to parish but it is assumed the parish priest will be part of the group or at least he, or a member of the parish team, will take part in the planning meetings as much as possible.

What are the resources?

The resources include:


  • Support to form a Love in Action team to organise the Programme
  • Meeting guides to help plan and to use the remaining resources to inspire the parish in CST and help them to take action.


  • Notes for the Love in Action leadership team, and anyone helping to facilitate the programme
  • Scripture quotes for reflection
  • Homily notes
  • Suggested hymns, liturgy visuals
  • Prayers of intercession


  • Prayer cards
  • Postcards for each of the six principles. These can be distributed at the Sunday Liturgy, and used by parish groups for reflection.
  • Take Home Sheets - to be made available for parishioners at each Sunday Mass to choose to take away. They can also be made available to parents of children in the parish school(s).


  • Faith Sharing Sheets - Six 60-90min sessions for groups to come together to share faith and explore each of the six themes of CST.
  • The Postcards can be used with existing parish groups at their meetings during the programme to highlight each theme of CST in turn.


Supporting notes for children's liturgy leaders and primary school staff

  • Notes for leaders
  • Presentation/assembly ideas
  • Activities
  • 'Sorry prayers'


An activity for each of the six themes of CST


  • Posters
  • Weekly newsletter inserts
  • Daily social media quotes
  • Banners


  • Short intro video
  • Short clips for each CST principle


Flexible workshop to 'go deeper' into Catholic social teaching

  • Presenter's script
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Handouts for participants


Materials to help your parish discern local needs and plan a social action response

  • Presenter's script
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Handouts for participants

Is Love in Action free?

Yes, the materials are free to use. Whilst you have permission to use the resources, please do not adapt anything without the prior written permission of the authors. Using these materials for any commercial gain is strictly forbidden

Who created Love in Action?

Love in Action has been created by Caritas Westminster in partnership with Caritas Social Action Network (CSAN) and other Caritas agencies. It has been collated from a variety of materials, and new materials have been written, by the programme authors Danny Curtin and Stephen Davies. The intention was to create an accessible programme that can be used flexibly, without re-inventing the wheel. So, some parts of the resources may feel familiar – we are simply offering a refreshed way of engaging the Catholic community with the principles of CST. There has also been a lot of new material written, which is offered free in the resource. The authors assert their moral right to be recognised as the authors and to retain copyright.

NB. We consider all the material to have been open to us to use. If you believe that we have used any of your material without permission please contact us and we will correct it.

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