We can help your community make Love in Action a success

Caritas Westminster and the authors have developed Love in Action over several years with pilots in parishes and schools. There is a wealth of experience available to share with you, to help your community make Love in Action a success. 

We offer three main means of support

  1. Scheduled training day

    Our training events introduce Love in Action, including the vision and core themes underpinning it and how to implement the programme in a community. This is ideal for key people from dioceses, organisations and parishes who want to use Love in Action.

    Upcoming scheduled training days are posted on this page of the website as and when they are arranged.

  2. Bespoke Training

    We can arrange a training event to introduce Love in Action specifically for your diocese or organisation.

  3. Bespoke ‘Train the Trainer’ events

    We are happy to arrange for one of the team to visit your diocese or organisation to equip your staff or committed volunteers to train others in how to use the programme. This is ideal for a diocese who wants to use Love in Action with their parishes

Please contact us to enquire about training.

NB. We consider all the material to have been open to us to use. If you believe that we have used any of your material without permission please contact us and we will correct it.

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