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Feedback from the Nigerian Chaplaincy Summer School, 2017.

   "From all of us in the Nigerian Catholic Chaplaincy, and on behalf of the Children I want to thank you and your team, for being with us today. Thank you especially for the great knowledge you have impacted on the children. You have added and made a great difference in the way we have been doing things."

Feedback from St Paul's Catholic College, Sunbury, 2017.

'Over three weeks, Caritas development workers ran interactive workshops for Year 9 students. Students were introduced to the work of Caritas through six principles of Catholic Social Teaching; Dignity, Community, Preferential option for the poor, Dignity of workers, Solidarity and Peace, and Care for creation. Each theme involved an interactive activity and a link to the work that Caritas is doing in that area.

We were really impressed at how well the students engaged in what can be quite difficult topics to talk about, from human trafficking to the issue of loneliness and isolation. At the end of each session, we asked what they would take away and an action that they could make, and their responses have been very thoughtful.'

Feedback from St John Fisher, North Harrow, 2016.

‘This new departure for our parish encourages all our people to get involved at a level which is appropriate for them. With this plan we can all contribute, we can all do something to extend the hand of friendship to those who need us.’

‘Recently the parish has been through a wonderful exploration of Catholic Social Teaching through the Love in Action programme. From this we have worked towards developing a parish plan which will try to embody the various elements of CST as well as honouring the Corporal Works of Mercy which we have tried to explore during the Holy Year that Pope Francis called us to.’

‘By committing ourselves to working for justice and by setting our parish within the framework of a call to merciful action I believe that we will be awakened to that new life and courage to which the gospel calls us’ Fr Shaun Middleton, Parish Priest


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